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Declare your own functions

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Declare your own functions Empty Declare your own functions

Post  runiter on Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:23 am

As you know, one of the most useful features of Smart Math Calculator has been its easy variable declaration by typing x=12^2 for example. Well now you can do the same with functions.

To declare a function simply type it in its common mathematical form:
f(x) = 2*x + x^2

You can have as many parameters as you like:
myScale(x,y,z, rate) = x*rate + y*rate + z*rate

Calling these functions is easy, just type:
f(5) + myScale(10,0,5,0.05)

Declare your own functions Math_c10

We need your feedback!!!! Please tell us what you think of this new feature! Just post a reply in this forum.


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