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Some minor issues with your software

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Some minor issues with your software Empty Some minor issues with your software

Post  patrickmurphy012 on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:43 pm

I noticed this software even for professional edition is now released as freeware. I hope this doesn't mean the project is abondoned. Anyway to my problem, I need to visually display mutivariable functions and i have from 3 variables up to around 9 variables i need to display. I do not need to see them in 9 dimensions, so your software is perfect for the task.

The only issue is, you explain that the following should work.

a = 5
b = a *2
c = b * a

If i put those equations in your software i should expect a result of 50 for c. But in reality i get "a is not declared". I spent an entire day trying to figure out how to get a declared, i watched your videos and read every post on this forum i even tested your smart calculator functionality and dowloaded that program and it works in your smart calculator. But it doesn't work in your graphing 3d calculator.

I have simple functions i need to visually display to look at, and i have many of them that i need to see them overlap in various ways and see the differences between the functions slopes based on x,y,z corrdinates.

Your software is done in java. If the freeware is open-source and available to public and you are simply too busy to fix these minor misstakes. I would like to fix the mistakes and get it working for the purposes of my project. If its not open-source and you are developing and fixing these errors currently. I simply would just like to be notified as to when it is fixed. Or pointed in the direction of another software i can use that will show me multiple multivariable equations in same display.



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Some minor issues with your software Empty Re: Some minor issues with your software

Post  runiter on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:50 pm

Hi patrick, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I assure you that this software is not abandoned and will continue to receive updates.

In the line a = 5, make sure that "None" is selected for "Graph" under "Graph Attributes" panel. Otherwise it will simply try to plot z=5 instead of declaring variable a.

If the problem persists please let me know. (also if you post a screenshot of the problem here it would help)

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