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3D parametric equation with given points

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3D parametric equation with given points Empty 3D parametric equation with given points

Post  greenfish on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:32 pm


In your 3d graphing calculator would it be possible to get 3D parametric equation to represent the graph of given x,y,z coordinates on 3D graph calculator program?

It seems that it is possible to plot x,y,z points and connect each point as a line to draw a parametric curve on this program, however what I'm looking for is something similar to the functionality on Microsoft Excel, which you plot x,y points and Excel draws a graph of parametric curve with given points and also gives you the equation of the curve.
But unfortunately Excel doesn't support this for 3D curves.

It would be great if your program can give the equation for the 3D graph drawn with points given.

Would this feature be something you can add?



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3D parametric equation with given points Empty Re: 3D parametric equation with given points

Post  runiter on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:01 am

Hi greenfish,
At the moment our software doesn't support that but this is an interesting suggestion and we will consider adding.
I will look at how excel does it and determine the feasibility of doing it in 3D.

Will let you know about whether or not it will be added to a future release.

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